Event Photography

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Using facial recognition technology, our event photographers capture and share photos with your guests almost instantly!

We cover single and multi-day events, races, conferences, awards ceremonies, charity gatherings, and more!

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Creative and Candid Shots

Your success is our success.

Our event photographers will approach your guests to get individual or small group photos and candid moments. Photo booths can be fun, but some people don’t want to go to them.

We deliver memories quickly and privately to each guest based on facial recognition.



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We generate a QR code for guests to register in advance or when they arrive with their phone.


We shoot and upload live from the event and your guests get text notifications to get their photos!

Event Photography that Works 

Each event photograph can be branded with a logo, date and location. Guests will be reminded of you each time they see it. Your logo will be seen when they share the photos on social too!

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